Belated Christmas coffee!

xmaspackage Look what the delivery man brought today! 10.5 lbs of specialty grade green coffee beans, from Sweet Maria’s and GCBC. 2Go didn’t make it in time for Christmas, but still perfect for the holidays. Yummy coffees these are, courtesy of Santa Dante. Gotta invite some coffee buddies in the next few days.

Just to whet your appetite, presenting the new arrivals …

Moka Kadir blend

This is how Sweet Maria’s Tom Owen describes this coffee: “This is a powerful blend of coffees from the Red Sea area, from Yemeni coffees on one side, and Ethiopian coffees on the other…. Lighter roasts than this can be potent and bright, but the brightness seems a little askew with the overall pungent cup character –so I prefer a darker roast to tone down brightness and underscore chocolate roast tastes.” I’ve tried this before, and is one of my favorites.

Kenya Gethumbwini

This scored a 90.5! Described by cuppers as “citrus at first … black licorice emerges in the swallow — this change and shape as is passed the tongue is rare and usually means high quality, similar to some fine red wines … more grape-like as it cools, some citrus rind.” Oh la la!

Colombia Supremo

A cupper at GCBC, in scoring this an 88.6, says this coffee has a “rich, deep classic cup. Has the baseline ‘classic cup-o-joe’ Colombian tastes, accented by darker fruit (plum, maybe a darker berry), semi-sweet notes (caramel/molasses). The acidity is there, which gives a winey fruited note and a bit of zest in the finish… This is a well-balanced, flavorful coffee.”

India Mysore

GCBC cuppers: “A classic Indian cup profile — lower acidity, great body/mouthfeel and nice nut to chocolate roast tones.” “This is a good example of what the Indian coffee can exhibit in the cup — smooth body and a variety of flavors in the cup which blend well together.” This is my first Indian coffee.

Panama Elida Estate

Scored a 91 at GCBC! “Sweet, tropical fruit, chocolate, blueberry, spice, tamarind…. Syrupy, fruity, chocolaty. A real treat!!”

Now, excuse me, I gotta be roasting …


2 Responses to “Belated Christmas coffee!”

  1. Benson on December 26th, 2008 9:07 pm

    Bob, naglaway ko sa imong mga kape hehehe…Were the beans vacuum packed at source? I read that it helps preserve the freshness of green beans.

  2. Bobby on December 26th, 2008 10:00 pm

    I’m sure not vacuum-packed all the way. I haven’t gotten vacuum-packed beans from GCBC yet. Dante loves vacuum-packing.

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