Buying coffee cups the hi-tech way

First cup-and-saucer set.

First cup-and-saucer set.

Pardon if I’m new to this thing, but I’m just one of those people who don’t get attracted to feature-rich cellphones with built-in fax machines and printers and MP3 players and videocams and screw drivers and toothpicks and multimedia projectors and surround sound.

Okay, that may be an exaggeration. But I usually have the simplest of cellphones. As long as I can call with it, send text messages, then I’m fine. I can live without infrared, bluetooth, camera, video, etc. etc. The latest, hi-tech cellphones we get free from Smart when we renew our plans automatically go to the kids. My immediate previous cellphone was, in fact, the Motorola W156, bought brand new May last year at a whopping cost of P1,500!!! It can call and it can text and has a calendar so I can input appointments, and a host of other features I don’t need. No IR, no bluetooth, no camera nor video, just a b&w screen. But it is so durable that every time friends gather and show off their latest cellphones, I simply bring out mine, and tell them, “Can your phone do this?” Then I toss it up into the air, fall into the concrete pavement, then I pick it up, and show them, how durable my cellphone is. I do that all the time. And every time I do that, they would bring their cellphones to their chest, like embracing their hi-tech gadgets as if to protect them from harm, and scream, “Oh no! My cellphone won’t survive that!”

So, now, back on topic — I finally got a hi-tech cellphone! A Nokia 6233, complete with IR and bluetooth and color screen and camera and video. This I inherited from my daughter Kara, who, along my son Arkay, now have spanking new Nokia 6600 Slide, courtesy of Smart. My 6233 is a 2-year-old phone, but for me, this is hi-tech!

Yesterday, I fetched my Mom at the airport in Cagayan de Oro and, like all Iliganons who go to the airport, we dropped by SM. The wifey already instructed for me to buy coffee cups. Miriam has one terrific aesthetic sense. She designed every corner of our beautiful house, designed every piece of furniture that we had custom-made by Iligan’s foremost furniture maker, Central Woodcraft. So everything that I need to buy or have made for the house, it’s got to have Miyam’s nod.

So, what coffee cup to buy?

Hmmm … the cellphone’s camera would be great! Welcome to the hi-tech world, Bob!

Click! Then send to Miyam’s phone. At the topmost of this post was the first cup-and-saucer I thought she would like. “Too fancy n funky!” Okay …

Shopping, you know, is Venus, not Mars. We guys don’t enjoy buying stuff for the house. Unless it’s about choosing the best component for the computer, or the latest digital camera, or items for the home theater.

Glad that the salesman was accommodating, and was himself amazed at what I was doing.

Here’s another set … Click! So here it is …

Second set

Second set

“White and blue too hospitally. Wala bang plain white?” Haha! The doc in her shows. But it’s not white and blue, but off-white and some shade of green I can’t tell exactly what. (Women, y’know, call colors so differently. I call them by what is closest in the color wheel I learned in my drawing class in high school.) But Miyam said she was driving, so she couldn’t really tell exactly the colors on the miniscule screen of her Nokia.

White?! That’s even more hospitally. Okay … “So, where are the white cups and saucers around here?” Click! Send.

Third and final set.

Third and final set.

The reply: “Great!”

Okay, one dozen of this please.

When I finally got home, Miyam liked the cups and saucers so much she told me get 2 dozens more the next time I get the chance to go to SM. Why so many? We often hold coffee parties, with relatives or friends. And usually serving not just one kind of coffee, but various varieties from everywhere in the world. So a typical coffee afternoon with friends and family could be three to six cups of different kinds of coffees.

Ah … the hi-tech world… and coffee … Atta life!


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