And now there are 5

Plungers galore!

Plungers galore!

Whoa! I now own five French presses (a.k.a. press pots, coffee plungers)!!!

My friend and ‘sangay’ Bob just convinced me to take a second look at the French press. In our “cupping” session at his place recently, he let me try his brew. And I liked it. So these past few days I gave it a try, setting aside my Aeropress momentarily. Looks like the French press won for now. Maybe until I get the proper filter for the inverted method of the Aeropress, I’ll do French press in the meantime. But the Aeropress will still see action, especially when doing a cold brew, or for my improvized cappuccino.

This morning I dropped by a surplus shop in neighboring Ozamiz City, a place called Brokenhaus. Yeah, that’s spelled B-R-O-K-E-N. Its Cagayan de Oro branch is spelled Brockenhaus. I don’t know which is correct. I heard this place is owned by a Filipina married to a Swiss guy, and they’ve been shipping Swiss and other European used items in huge containers. My wife loves to visit these two shops every chance we get; now, Miyam had a lecture to cardiologists in Ozamiz and Oroquieta. Last year, I got a Moka Pot from this branch in Ozamiz.

This time around, I saw an unbranded big French press that’s made in Switzerland lying around, along with cups and saucers. This plunger can do 4 regular cups, although in Europe they call this size as 8-cup, coz I heard they use smaller cups there they call tasse or something.

Plungers gathering dust at Brokenhaus

Plungers gathering dust at Brokenhaus

Eniweys, so I asked the saleslady if they have more of it, and she pointed me to the right direction. Woohoo! There were two Bodums there! And another one that’s made in France. There is yet another, but the carafe is made of plastic, not glass. So I bought the four glass plungers.

I’m keeping one of the Bodums for myself, and the three others will go to Bob, coz he texted me he’d take the other three for himself. For now he only has the smallest plunger, but many of them. Half a dozen of them I think. So I asked Bob if we can do a trade — I’ll send him the three big plungers, and he’ll send me three of those small ones. I need the small ones for travel, coz I always bring my coffee kit with me while on the road.

So in the next few days I won’t only have five plungers, but eight. ;-) I’d like to have more of them because they break easily. Maybe one of these days I can get the metal or the non-breakable Bodums.

Kape ta bay!


4 Responses to “And now there are 5”

  1. Mindanao Bob on March 25th, 2009 6:27 pm

    Looks great!

  2. lori on April 3rd, 2009 6:46 pm

    I’m very, very envious. The beaker of my 3-cup French press shattered recently and now I’m only left with 1 beaker and 2 presses. I read from your most recent post that you now have 8 (!) French presses. Are they all Bodum and why would you need so many?

  3. Bobby on April 3rd, 2009 6:53 pm

    Hi Lori,

    You just answered it yourself — those beakers break so easily. In fact, I just threw away 2 beakerless 8-cup presses while cleaning up the house a few hours ago. So now every time I see plungers, I’d buy them. If they’re cheap, that is. Can’t afford all Bodums. I only have 2 8-cup Bodums, the rest are Chinese copies, I suppose.

    But I’m planning to get that unbreakable polycarbonate Bodum. The stainless steel Bodum Columbia is too expensive.

    Hey, I heard you’re joining Charo for coffee at Dante P’s place tomorrow? Man, I’d love to be there. Every time I go to Manila, seeing Dante is always top priority.


  4. Bobby on April 8th, 2009 3:05 pm

    One beaker of the smallest French press broke while I was washing it after lunch. Was only over a week old. Uh-oh, gotta buy some more of those cheap plungers.

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