Coffee and hot bread

My first home-baked bread

My first home-baked bread. (All photos by Arkay T.)

What kept me silent on this blog for some time? It’s coz I’m into another hobby! Not about coffee, but something too closely related to it.

I’m now baking my own bread!

Well, I’m not actually into baking, but I found the baking equivalent of, um, instant coffee — automatic bread maker.

I know I know … you non-rice eating folks knew about this thing for the longest time. But for us Pinoys, this is something as hi-tech and as rare as a dishwasher! (You Americans and Europeans, I bet you don’t have rice cookers at home, right?)

In fact, I heard of the bread machine only about a year ago. I was doing a shoot for a book project of an NGO, the Volunteer Service Organization (VSO) here in the Lanao provinces in Mindanao. I was with the writer, Nicole, a Dutch girl. [From being a journalist to development worker, she’s now into Thai massage!] While having bread in some remote area somewhere one early morning, Nicole mentioned about missing her bread maker back home, of this automated machine that will let her make bread at home without much work, program it so that she’d have hot, freshly baked bread upon waking up in the morning.
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