The Aeropress inverted method revisited

The polyester felt filter for the Aeorpress is thick!

The polyester felt filter for the Aeorpress is thick!

Thanks to Steve A, one of the few readers of this blog, I finally got to try the filter medium suggested by the inventor of the Aeropress inverted method. Verdict: Looks like I’m back to Aeropressing.

I was brewing with the inverted method for a while, but using an inferior filter I found from a textile store. There were still some fine grinds that get past the filter, but lesser than the French press. I reverted back to using the French press after a coffee session in Davao with my sangay MindanaoBob, and after that I acquired quite an inventory of French presses of various brands and sizes. But still, the fine grinds at the bottom of the cup that pass through the French press’s metal filter bothers me a bit.

Then I got this filter medium for the hacked Aeropress — a five-micron polyester filter felt from McMaster. Almost no grinds at all, almost as clean as using paper filter, but with all the oils and flavor you can get from the French press. To give you an idea what exactly is this — you asthmatics, or those with asthmatics in the family, if you have a nebulizer at home, there’s a small (smaller than a coin) round filter where the air goes out where you insert the plastic tube; that’s polyester felt.
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My latest acquisition


Just arrived in the mail today! 5 lbs each of Colombia Monserrate, Tanzania Blackburn Estate and Sumatra Aceh Tengah.

Here’s how fellow coffee snobs at GCBC scored these coffees …
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Muscovado sugar in my coffee


I’m a sweet guy, remember? I said that so right when I started this blog. So I put a little amount of sugar in my coffee, about half a teaspoon or even less. Before I started roasting coffee in my kitchen, I used to drink Swissmiss hot chocolate in the morning. And when I ordered from those coffee shops, it’s usually café mocha. I’m sweet, can’t help it.

Over the years, I’ve preferred brown sugar over white. I just like the raw flavor in brown sugar, or maybe it’s just the looks? White sugar is too clean looking, so pure, so refined. That’s just not me. I’m rough.

And then I heard a lot about muscovado sugar. I heard it’s even rawer (there such a word?) than brown sugar. If I remember it right, my friend and fellow coffee guy Danny Ong, of Cotabato City, first introduced me to muscovado sugar. I tried it in his home. I liked it.
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Giant French press at work

That's BIG!

That's BIG!

Finally got to use my gigantic French press!!!

Saturday evening we had a mini-reunion, us batchmates of the Development High School class of 1981, of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT). We fondly call this school DaHaSa. They changed the name now to Integrated Development School or sumthin, but for us, it’s still DaHaSa.

There were 9 of us. And boy was I able to make coffee for all of us in one brew!

This French press aka coffee press aka coffee plunger aka press pot is called a 12-cup coffee maker, but maybe when you use small cups like those they use in espressos or tea. I used bigger 5-oz cups, and just enough for all of us.

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Meet my grinders


“What? It’s not NORMAL to have 5 coffee grinders?”

That’s how you are labeled when you achieve a certain status, depending on your number of posts, in the coffee forum I’m in — the Green Coffee Buying Club.

So now I know I’m normal, coz, as you see in the picture above, I ONLY have 4 grinders.

From left to right, that’s the Bodum Antigua, a Zassenhaus manual grinder, the Clipper Mini Coffee Grinder, and the 3D Café Aroma Plus.

Having a grinder at home is important, because you should only grind your coffee beans just before brewing. Ground coffee goes stale fast, real fast. Those who buy their coffee already ground in expensive looking foil bags with famous brands, I’m sorry to tell you that you are drinking stale coffee. It may still be okay for you, but you haven’t really tried what real coffee tastes like. Read more