My latest acquisition


Just arrived in the mail today! 5 lbs each of Colombia Monserrate, Tanzania Blackburn Estate and Sumatra Aceh Tengah.

Here’s how fellow coffee snobs at GCBC scored these coffees …

Colombia Monserrate
- a little raisin, less than the Mesa de los Santos
- good fruit–hard to pin down but not citrus, guesses are grape, melon, peach, apricot
- good body and somewhat silky mouthfeel
- very balanced and well integrated giving it a high quality feel
- good as it cools, doesn’t change
Score: 87.75

2009 Tanzania Blackburn Estate
Aroma- Blackberry Flowers, Black Tea
Flavor- Black tea, Blackberries, Rose Hips, slightly tannic.
Acidity- Higher acidity than last year, more lemony/orangy citrus
Body- Above average body, though slighly less thick and plumy as last year.
Aftertaste and Finish- Black tea finish, nice aftertaste
Score: 87.5

Sumatra Aceh Tengah
Dry Fragrance: 3.6  aromatic, sweet, moss, warm pepper and cedar notes
Wet Aroma/Break: 3.6  cinnamon, cedar, chocolate, molasses, moss
Body/Mouthfeel: 8.1  rich, smooth
Acidity/Brightness: 7.4
Flavor/Depth: 7.8  sweet, butterscotch, toffee, hint of sweet earth, chocolate as the cup cools
Aftertaste: 7.7  long-lasting, with bittersweet chocolate and butterscotch
Score: 88.2

Will be busy roasting tonight!


2 Responses to “My latest acquisition”

  1. kev on June 22nd, 2011 11:48 pm

    Hi Bob! Sorry to be commenting on a late post but I just found out about your blog today.

    I am just curious on how you import your green beans to the Philippines. If my facts are correct, the government charges a tariff (30% i think) to imported green beans in order to protect our local industry. In your case, do you get taxed too?

    I am asking because I am also planning to import and roast my own green beans but at the same time, I am unfamiliar with the customs regulations in our country.


  2. Bobby on June 27th, 2011 1:02 pm

    When I buy green beans, I have it shipped here thru a few means…
    1 – handcarry by friends coming home from the US
    2 – shipped via USPS
    3 – a relative sends them to me thru LBC balikbayan box, along with other items

    #1 & #3 i don’t get taxed. #3, sometimes the post offices charge me P35 per shipment, sometimes not. i usually order 15lbs if via USPS, coz they have a flatrate box that can accommodate that much coffee.

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