My travel coffee paraphernalia


I’m now on the third week of a month-long photographic assignment all over the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), all five provinces of them — Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi.

I may be on the road for so long a time, and it’s tiring work with frequent travel on the worst roads and on the worst boats. But coffee helps me along the way, and I’m still enjoying my specialty coffee. How? I brought with me my coffee gear!

Aside from my clothes in a big travel bag and my camera gear in a LowePro backpack, I brought along another backpack containing my coffee paraphernalia.

What’s in the bag?
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Coffe party in Davao with Mindanao Bob


On a business trip in Davao City last week, I had the chance to drop by Mindanao Bob‘s place, and had another coffee party with friends!

BobM roasted Rwanda COE, Kenya Gethumbwini, Sumatra Aceh, Ethiopia Yirgacheffee, Tanzania Blackburn Estate and I brought some Kalinga beans.

I slept pretty well after that. :D
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Coffee party once more


I felt I was in France during the coffee party I hosted this afternoon, what with four French speakers in the house. Mathieu (rightmost), after leaving Iligan only last December with the end of his term as a volunteer helping farmers in the mountains, came back for a short vacation. His replacement is Jean-Baptiste (2nd from left). Fr. Henri (2nd from right) is from Cameroon, a French-speaking country. Beside him is Marc, a French-American. And the three of us BisDaks (with Mabel and Sharon). Hmm … looks like someone is missing here, some guy that should be seated beside the girl on the left. ;-) We could only have Ethiopia Harrar and Kenya Gethumbwini, then we got drunk. :-(

Beans from Kalinga-Apayao

Kalinga beans roasted

Kalinga beans roasted

Whoa, been over a month since my last post. Was busy working on a project, a mini-coffee table book (no, nothing to do with coffee, hehe), so I was out of town most of the time. (If you’re curious what that project is, see the PDF file here. Warning: that’s 3.5mb, so your computer may freeze for a few seconds until all is downloaded. So it might be wise for you to right-click on the link, save it to your PC and read with Adobe Reader or Mac’s Preview, instead of looking at it from inside the browser.)

Last month I traded beans with a friend, a fellow roaster here in Iligan. Half a pound of my favorite Ethiopian Harrar, and 2 kinds of Peppo’s green beans he got from a food fair in Manila. Both are from up north, in the Cordilleras I suppose.

One coffee I didn’t bother remembering, coz it really sucked. I can’t drink it at all.

But the other one, from Kalinga-Apayao, I liked. Not in the league of specialty grade you can buy from online shops. But if I’m out of cash, I can drink this coffee every day.
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