The coffee evangelist

Pan roasting coffee beans with a rice pot.

Pan roasting coffee beans with a rice pot. Photo by Ace Reston

These past months, I’ve been working hard converting fellow coffee lovers to homeroast their own beans for guaranteed freshness.

Only yesterday, I had eight guests who came for a coffee party as I brewed Sumatra Lintong Blue Batak, Kenya AA Nyeri Tambaya, Yemen Mokha Ismaili, Ethiopia Harrar. I roasted two more coffees for the occasion — Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe and Guatemala Huehuetenango — but could not serve it anymore as everybody was already drunk with coffee.

Part of the party was the roasting tutorial, using the most primitive, and least expensive, of roasters — a modified aluminum rice pot with a handle attached, and an egg whisk. (I’ve been using the rice pot these past few weeks coz the motor of my oven toaster with rotisserie broke down. The replacement motor, which isn’t designed to withstand high heat, just couldn’t do the job as it stops in mid-roast as the heat builds up. So until I can have the motor replaced, it’s the rice pot for me, or maybe the Whirley Pop popcorn popper for bigger batches.)
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