About this blog

Why “Kape ta bay!”?

This is my usual invitation to friends to come and have coffee in my place, or wherever I may be in the world with my coffee kit in the bag. In English, it translates to “Let’s have coffee, mate!” Those who respond to my invitation get a taste of coffee nirvana, of tasting their best coffee ever. That’s because I buy my raw green specialty coffee beans online from the world’s best coffee-growing regions, roast them myself at home, and brewing them while still fresh, usually within a week from roasting. This way, I get the best flavor and aroma coffee has to offer.

So, why another coffee blog when there are a gazillion of them out there?

Because I think I have something unique to offer — “Achieving coffee nirvana at home on a budget.” In the Philippine setting, that is.

I’m from somewhere near Timbuktu, a place called Iligan, way way way down south of Manila, in an island called Mindanao. It’s so far from Italy, so far from the coffee culture of Seattle, away from the specialty coffee shops anywhere else in the world. [Well, a lot of coffee shops with wifi hotspots have sprouted all over lately, but, um, although many of them have the best hardware, I could not really drink their coffee the way I want to -- black, no cream, no sugar.]

If you’re rich, and can order the best coffee beans from around the world, buy the best coffee gadgets online, then this site may not be for you. You may already be sipping the best and freshest Geisha coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda brewed with your Clover.

For ordinary muggles like me here in my area who struggle to survive amid the global economic crisis, getting good coffee every morning is quite a challenge. Getting good quality green coffee beans is the first obstacle. You can’t buy coffee roasters around here, so you have to make one yourself. Grinders, not easy to find a good one, too. There are a plethora of coffee makers available in department stores here, but unfortunately, the kind that are readily available make coffee that sucks.

Before you proceed, one caveat — if you join me in my journey towards coffee nirvana, you will become what others call a “coffee snob.” You cannot anymore drink any other coffee other than the one you brewed, not even in the supposedly high-end coffee shops in the malls, nor in the breakfast area of five-star hotels. So when someone invites me to drink coffee, when I wanted to be polite, I just say: “Sorry, I don’t drink coffee.” Period.

So, if you’re dying to have the best coffee every morning, come back every now and then, and I’ll show you some tips.

Kape ta bay!