Roasting coffee with a rice pot

Sorry guys, got too busy hacking my MSI Wind to run OSX Leopard. Then a friend’s, too. I’m now a proud owner of a Macbook Nano. Back to coffee blogging…

So, let’s start roasting, granting you have the materials I mentioned in a previous post. Assemble the materials I mentioned earlier so it’d be easy to reach them, coz things happen fast in roasting coffee.

1. Pre-heat rice pot on slow to medium flame on your gas range. I haven’t tried on electric burner, but try it at medium. If you have a thermometer that could be placed on the pot, then let it stand there, but remove it before you pour in the beans. If you have an exhaust fan above or near your stove, power it up, coz roasting coffee emits A LOT of smoke. Before I got a kitchen with a hood and exhaust fan, I roasted outside. If you have a fire alarm in your kitchen, turn it off, or you’ll have firefighters knocking on your door.
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